Five Diamond Productions
Team Roping Producer and Stock Contractor

Roping Results

Winners - April 23-25, 2021
Agriplex; Ada, Oklahoma

#12.5 Five Header - Average
Cody Mullens and Tanner Beauchamp

#12.5 Five Header - Consolation
Cody Allen and Travis Newberry

#11.5 Yeti Roping
Hunter Norman and Cordell Collins

#11.5 High Point Roper (Yeti)
Hunter Norman and Cordell Collins

#10.5 HC Smooth Mouth
Johnny Wagnon and Bobby Pugh

#10.5 HC Smooth Mouth High Point Roper (trophy knife)
Bobby Pugh

#9.5 Smooth Mouth
Dave Wingo and Cameron Lawson

#9.5 Smooth Mouth High Point Ropers - Tie (trophy knife)
Ed Rucker and Robert Berndsen

#10.5 Round-Up
Dave Wingo and Bobby Pugh

#10.5 Round-Up High Point Roper (trophy knife)
Bobby Pugh

#9.5 Cattleman
Joe French and Carl Wiles

#9.5 Cattleman High Point Roper (trophy knife)
John Reed

#8.5 Branding Trap
Joe French and Kim Wiles

#8.5 Branding Trap High Point Roper (trophy knife)
Tony Kuestersteffen

Brenda's Beginner Roping
Jenna Murray and Hayden Peoples

#6.5 Stampede
Scott Jarrett and Cason Copeland

#6.5 Stampede High Point Roper (Yeti)
Colton Thomason

#8.5 w/7.5 Incentive - Average
Talce Rosenthal and Kathleen Weller

#8.5 w/7.5 Incentive - Incentive
Scott Jarrett and Cody Greenlee

#9.5 w/7.5 Incentive High Point Ropers - Tie (pistol)
Kathleen Weller and Talce Rosenthal

#9.5 w/7.5 Incentive 2nd High Point Roper (trophy knife)